Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 e 8.9 pollici: Disponibile aggiornamento 10.3.0

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 Amazon ha da poco rilasciato un nuovo aggiornamento per i suoi Kindle Fire HD da 7 e 8.9 pollici. Il nuovo firmware, versione 10.3.0, può essere scaricato sia dal sito Amazon che direttamente dai tablet in questione via OTA.

Riportiamo di seguito le novità introdotte col nuovo aggiornamento:

  • Support for X-Ray for Textbooks (Explore the “bones” of your textbook, and access all the most important terms and concepts, with glossary definitions and links to relevant textbook pages)
  • Simplified Chinese Support (In addition to the other languages offered, you can now change your device language to Simplified Chinese)
  • Track your reading progress with Time To Read (Kindle Fire 2nd Generation calculates your reading speed to let you know when you’ll finish a chapter or book)
  • Support for Kindle Editions with Audio/Video (You can now read books that contain audio and/or video clips)
  • Print Replica Textbook Enhancements (Scroll through thumbnails at the bottom of the screen to preview pages and jump quickly between chapters, and mark important notes and highlights in your Notebook for easy reference)


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