Asus ZenFone 2, in rilascio gli aggiornamenti V2.20.40.139 e V2.20.30.130

Nuovo aggiornamento in casa Asus. In queste ore sono stati rilasciati i firmware V2.20.40.139 e V2.20.30.130 rispettivamente per le varianti 551ML e 550ML.

Questo il changelog emerso in queste ore:

1 Improve screen turn into black during phone call issue.
2 Fix Miracast frame rate drop issue.
3 Fix NFC connect issue.
4 Fix network data warning notice don not come up issue
5 FixWi-Fi conncet issue
6 Fix 3G cannot camp to H plus in Laos and Paraguay issue.
7 Fix the coming call issue when using bluetooth earphone.
8 Fix Unlock Tool issue.
9 Improve service stability of modem
10 Fix the charging issue of roaming to LTE when data roaming option disabled
11 Fix boost stability issue
12 Fix the issue that user would still receive the notifications from Auto start denied Apps
13 Fix ASUS Mobile Manager data usage restriction issue
14 Fix ZenMotion Shake Shake screenshot issue
15 Fix URL recognition issue in Messages
16 Modify HK Chinese strings
17 Fix IME issue when open Yahoo PC version webpage by ASUS Browser
18 Fix countdown alarm issue after set in Snap View
19 Fix string issue in Theme Apps
20 Fix charge remained time display issue when quick charging
21 Fix SIM PIN lock issue in Cover View
22 Modify Quick charge notification UI layout
23 Fix System UI stability issue
24 Fix Power saver settings issue
25 Fix JP FlipFont issue
26 Fix Battery Simplified Chinese string issue
27 Fix ASUS Mobile Manager data usage calculation issue
28 Improve Auto Start Manager stability
29 Remove BookLive from JP SKU
30 Fix Documents UI stability issue
31 Fix Snap View UI issue and improve its performance when install 3rd party apps
32 Improve Hand Writing accuracy
33 Fix flashlight turn-off issue when double tap power key
34 Fix Power Saver Ultra saving mode notification settings issue

# New Features
1 Add phone number editing function in Dual SIM settings
2 Add 128G SD card turn into Power Saver mode function.
3 Add Latvian and Lithuanian languages

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