HTC One M7, arriva la Viper One 9: ecco i dettagli

Novità interessante anche per i possessori di un HTC One M7, visto che da alcuni giorni a questa parte è disponibile anche per il suddetto modello la nota ROM Viper One 9, con numerose novità comprese.

Ecco un elenco di feature:

Added Google SearchPanel as Button Action
– Instead of swipe home/longpress home, you can map it to any other button action
Added Last App Button Action
Added Camera JPEG Quality: Select from 1-100% (default 95%) (Misc tab in Tweaks)
Added custom lockscreen statusbar color
Added custom homescreen statusbar color (perfect for people with white/light background)
Added headsups whitelist ignore score
Added fully customizable statusbar header view
Added Infoline multiline suppport
Added Emulating Back key action to map to any key
Added disabling google searchpanel when longpressing home
Refactoring of header, quicksettings, quicklaunch visibility and behavior
Refactoring of Venom Button Management
Added hiding lockscreen widget
Added Hiding Sunset on Lockscreen
Added Showing Alarm on Lockscreen
Added different Emergency Call behaviors (Shortpress/Longpress/Hide)
Added Hiding Sprint GPS Testicle Icon
Added headsups blacklist allow all toggle
Added ambient notifcations
Added ability to customize status bar and header clocks with custom formatting including HTML
Added html presets for statusbar and header lock
Added ability to customize carrier label with HTML
Added ability to hide clock on lock screen
Added SliderBrightness to Notification header
Improved Headups notifications white/blacklist
– Whitelist default now without breaking stock behavior
– Blacklist allows all apps and you need to add apps you dont want to show
– Adding phone to headsup whitelist will now just show headsupnotif and not the dialer anymore
Added color inversion mapping to gesture and button action
Per maggiori dettagli vi rimandiamo a questa pagina.