Le migliori applicazioni per Android a pagamento: arriva Tallowmere

Caratterizzato da una serie di elementi platform ed RPG, sta facendo parlare molto di sé un nuovo gioco per Android come Tallowmere, scaricabile ad un costo pari a 3,49 euro.

Queste le sue principali caratteristiche:

  • Raise your shield to block enemy attacks.

  • Lower your shield and strike your foes when the timing is right.

  • Jump or move to avoid traps, or use your shield to reduce damage taken.

  • Find the key to advance to the next room.

  • Collect weapons, outfits, headgear, and shields of various rarities to aid your journey.

  • Turn in souls from slain enemies to increase your base stats and passive abilities.

  • Stay alive as long as you can!

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