Merchants of Kaidan, i plus del nuovo gioco Android

Arriva dal Play Store un titolo molto interessante per gli utenti Android. Stiamo parlando di Merchants of Kaidan, con il quale ci immergeremo letteralmente in un contesto medievale, cercando di arricchirci.

Queste le specifiche del gioco emerse dal Play Store:

– Merchants of Kaidan has 4 story lines each with many quests. Main quest that brings you closer to avenging your father’s murder, and 3 side-quest lines. A total of over 100 quests each composed of multiple steps.
– A set of random events that influence your journeys. A storm on the sea, attack by dragons, highway robbery and many, many more.
– Three types of transport of your goods: by roads, by sea and by flight, each has its advantages and disadvantages and a unique set of events associated. As you grow your fleet you can join a partnership and you’ll get to manage 3 traders.
– You can hire advisers each specializing in a different field. Their council will help you in a variety of issues. Some will show you short cuts on the roads, some will help you fight of the bandits, some will council you on how to sail better and in case of a storm, how to minimize risks and losses. If you wish, you can also send them to school to improve their abilities for additional cost.
– 4 seasons of the year that influence the prices of goods, open some paths for travel and block the others. They also impact the way the game looks, each city has a distinct look at different time of the year.
– Random blessings and curses that influence your statistics. They in turn affect how well you conduct business.
– A set of artefacts that influence your statistics or can help negate the effects of random events.
– A complex market fluctuation algorithm that include many variables such as: demand, supply, seasons of the year, localization of the city, random events like droughts or rat infestation.

Per il download vi rimandiamo a questa pagina.