Le migliori applicazioni per Android gratis: Firefox 30

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Giornata importante per il mondo delle applicazioni Android, visto che è stato messo a disposizione degli utenti Firefox 30, ottimizzato anche per l’OS di Google.

Questo il changelog dell’aggiornamento in questione:

  • New: Add web content to home page panels using Home Feeds Add-On.

  • New: Add Quickshare buttons to Context menu.

  • New: Locales added: Belarusian [be], Argentine Spanish [es-AR], Mexican Spanish [es-MX], Indonesian [id], Latvian [lv], Malay [ms].

  • Changed: Disallow calling WebIDL constructors as functions on the web.

  • Developer: Fixes to box-shadow and other visual overflow (see bug 480888).

  • Developer: Mute and volume available per window when using WebAudio.

  • Developer: background-blend-mode enabled by default.

  • Developer: Use of line-height allowed for .

  • Developer: ES6 array and generator comprehensions implemented (readdocs for more details).

  • Developer: Error stack now contains column number.

  • Developer: Support for alpha option in canvas context options (featuredescription).

  • Fixed: Ignore autocomplete=”off” when offering to save passwords via the password manager (see 956906).

  • Fixed: TypedArrays don’t support new named properties (see 695438).

  • Fixed: After MP4 video playback, video can not be played again (1005622).

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