Samsung cambia registro: importante arrivo per il design

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Importanti novità in casa Samsung, visto che l’azienda coreana ha assunto un designer che giunge direttamente dalla scuola di Ive, personaggio importante in casa Apple.

Ecco quanto riportato dalla fonte in tal senso:

“It looks like the company is finally looking to change that, as it has hired Lee Don-tae, the co-CEO of Tangerine, as its design chief. Tangerine is a design firm that was founded by Apple’s Jony Ive, who is widely considered one of the best designers in the mobile industry. Korea Herald’s report says that Don-tae has started working as the global Vice President and head of Samsung’s Design Management Center since January, and it’s likely he will play a part in the Galaxy S6′s design (or not, as the S6 is no doubt being designed since late last year) and in the design of other products from Samsung, like TVs”.

Staremo a vedere se ci saranno effetti già per il Samsung Galaxy S6.

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