Samsung Galaxy S2, tutto sulla NeatROM

E’ spuntata in Rete una nuova ROM, per quanto concerne il Samsung Galaxy S2. Stiamo parlando della cosiddetta NeatROM, che, basata sull’aggiornamento del sistema operativo Android Kit Kat 4.4.2, promette già faville.

Ecco il suo changelog:

AOSP NeatROM for Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100
Firmware: I9100 AOSP NeatROM Slim v2.1 (4.4.2)
Compiled from the latest SlimKat repos
The Real Dark Slim
Notification drawer Shortcuts
Full hardware key rebinding
Keyboard rotation
Nova Launcher
Darker Camera – colour filter options, gps indicator, picture quality, smart capture, shutter sound…
Darker Gallery
Phasebeam LiveWallpaper
Wifi country code
Mediascanner behaviour on boot
Volume key cursor control
Show permanent enter key on keyboard
IME selector notification
Auto keyboard rotation feature
Systemwide blacklist support for calls and sms/mms
Pattern size customizing
Lock before unlock the new way
Lockscreen shortcuts
Fully revamped lockscreen target options
Start widgets maximized on lockscreen
Enable carousel animation on lockscreen
Enable/disable camera widget on lockscreen
Full customizable low battery warning
Wake up on charge
Volume rocker wake
Volume rocker music control
CRT animation the new way with new animation as well
Fully customizable auto brightness
Display rotation options (0, 90, 180, 270)
Fully customizable volume panel
Power connectivity alert
Less frequent notification sounds
Ascending ringtone
Control safe headset warning
Mute Camera shutter sound
Quiet hours new extended version
Mute Volume adjust sound
Fully global menu customization
Fully revamped navigation bar and navigation ring customizations
Statusbar brightness control
Full Clock and date customization on status bar
Battery icons
Quick settings style options
Quick pulldown for quick settings
Easy full swipe access between notification drawer and quicksettings
Wifi access point is shown in notification drawer
Hide carrier label on notification drawer
Notification drawer shortcuts
Notification transparency
Notification drawer and quicksettings background as well with tablet support
Fully customizable quick settings the new way with new included music tiles and features
Battery tile new click/longpress behaviour
Allow to disable QuickSettings completly
Option in Dev Set to customize the device hostname
SystemUI – double tap to sleep gesture
IPV6 tethering support
Allow applications to override power key
DeskClock – back flip and shake actions
Navigation bar
Global menu – Expanded desktop
Wakeup Options
Enable/Disable Root
Es File Explorer as default home page for browser
NeatROM Bootanimation v4
Enabled HD Voice
Init.d Support

Chi intende saperne di più su questa nuova ROM, in ogni caso, può collegarsi a questa pagina sin da ora.