Shadowgun Deadzone si aggiorna alla versione 2.0 con interessanti novità

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È stato appena rilasciato sul Play Store di Google un nuovissimo aggiornamento per Shadowgun Deadzone, che passa alla versione 2.0. Di seguito vi mostriamo il changelog ufficiale del gioco:

  • New 8 languages (Spanish,French,German,Italian,Russian,Chinese,Korean,Japanese)
  • A brand new cool feature: BOOSTERS (Speed,Armor,Damage,Accuracy,Invisibility) and new Sentry Guns (Plasma,Rocket)
  • Gold rewards for anyone who eliminates opponents with active Boosters
  • New maps: Assembly, Warzone, Vortex, Train yard
  • New deadly weapons
  • Daily challenges and rewards
  • Monitor the game stats of your friends
  • Invite your friends to Zone Control mode
  • Special Tutorial mode for rookies

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