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Android Versione 1.1

Data di Rilascio: Febbraio 2009

Livello API: 2

Il rilascio dell’immagine di Android 1.1 include anche l’ SDK.


L’immagine di Android 1.1, offre una versione aggiornata delle API. Come le API della versione 1.0, anche per queste della versione1.1 è stato assegnato un numero identificatico – 2 – memorizzato nel sistema stesso. Questo numero identificativo, chiamato “”livello API”, consente al sistema di di determinare se un’applicazione è compatibile con il sistema ancor prima di essere installata.


  • T-Mobile G1

Applicazioni preinstallate

  • Sveglia
  • Demo API
  • Browser
  • Calcolatrice
  • Fotocamera
  • Rubrica
  • Dev Tool
  • Gestione Chiamate
  • E-Mail
  • Mappe (Street View)
  • Gestione Messaggi
  • Player Audio
  • Gestione Immagini
  • Impostazioni


  • Inglese, americano
  • Tedesco

Problemi Risolti (ENG)

  • AlarmClock alert now plays audio/vibe directly, rather than through AlarmManager. AlarmClock alert starts playing audio/vibe in its IntentReceiver, rather than on activity start. These changes should prevent alarms from being blocked by modal dialogs.
  • Fixes to device sleep.
  • Single tap no longer opens the in-call dialpad; users now need to touch and drag it.
  • Fixes a bug causing approximately 1 in 25 outbound messages to freeze up the IMAP connection (to a Gmail based server) when transferred to the Sent folder.
  • Removes automatic account setup entries that were broken or not testable. Adds minor fixes to a few of the remaining entries. Makes improvements to warning dialogs used for a few special cases.
  • Changes default mail checking interval to every 15 minutes (instead of defaulting to “never”).
  • Fixes password-quoting bugs in IMAP, so that users can include special characters in passwords (e.g. spaces).
  • Fixes various errors in auto and manual account setup
  • Improves reporting for various connection errors, making it easier for the user to diagnose failed account setups.
  • Fixes new-mail notifications for POP3 accounts.
  • Ensures proper auto-checking of accounts marked as “never check”.
  • Now displays date and time using user preference (e.g. 24 hr vs. AM/PM).
  • Now shows cc: in message view.
  • Improves recovery from POP3 connection failures.
  • POP3 parser rules loosened, so the application can work with non-compliant email servers.

Nuove Caratteristiche (ENG)

  • Maps: Adds details and reviews when a user does a search on Maps and clicks on a business to view its details.
  • Dialer: In-call screen timeout default is now longer when using the speakerphone.
  • Dialer: Adds a “Show dialpad” / “Hide dialpad” item to the in-call menu, to make it easier to discover the DTMF dialpad.
  • Adds support for saving attachments from MMS
  • Adds support for marquee in layouts.

Cambiamenti API (ENG)

  • Adds annotations for test systems, no actual (non-test) API changes.
  • Adds a method to allow a process to easily determine its UID.
  • Adds support for marquee in layouts.
  • Adds new methods for determining padding in views. Useful if you are writing your own subclasses of View.
  • Adds new permissions that allow an application to broadcast an SMS or WAP Push message.
  • API cleanup: removes protected constructor from SDK-bound system images.

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